Temple Creations is the team effort of artists Lukas Randers and Edita Randers. In 2013, these two lovers and festival goers envisioned a vivid and vibrant festival/event scenography project inspired by the psychedelic experience, futuristic mysticism, and Love, obviously!

By 2015, the pair had developed their first small, hand-made, portable decoration setup, and began bringing its magic to the psy scene in their country of residence, Lithuania. Soon thereafter, Temple Creations was noticed by, and invited to tour, the wider psy scene of Europe.

Over the years, the artist duo honed their designs and ideas, taking breaths of inspiration from the great visual titans of the global psy scene, but also preserving the strokes of uniqueness they felt had organically developed in their style. And while the advancements in printing technology have been tempting, the project remains, to this day, completely hand-made; with discipline and patience.

The fundamental idea behind all the visuals of Temple Creations is that color ranges, aligned into abstract geometries, can synergize perfectly with the psychedelic headspace, and activate it to blossom one’s experience into never-before realized plateaus of existence.

With the templars of Temple Creations tending to the party, you can be sure to lose track of where your visual experience begins and where their creations end.

So see you on the dance floor!