Kosmos Festival site is located in Närhilä Village, Ristiina, amidst the lakes of beautiful, forest-rich Eastern Finland. The exact location is Raitinpurontie, 52510 Ristiina, Finland.

Don’t forget to pack your bikinis and speedos – there is a beach near the festival site. The beach is accessible during the day. Additionally, we have a public shower by the lake on the festival site for your convenience.

Opening hours for the beach are as follows:

Thu 19-22
Fri 10-22
Sat 10-22

For safety reasons, the lake is off limits during any other time.

Help us to keep the forest clean! Leave nothing behind! Ensure that glass bottles remain intact. In addition to caring for the environment, please look after yourself. Stay warm if it rains, and when the sun is shining, remember to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun rays.

In case of injury or discomfort, the festival site has 24-hour medical service available for your care and safety.

Kotilo’s safe space offers a calming presence and confidential support for anyone encountering challenging experiences or feeling overwhelmed amidst the festivities. Kotilo is located near the festival entrance gate.

We strive to capture the magical atmosphere of Kosmos into photographs, video clips and aftermovie, so don’t be alarmed if you see us filming or photographing in various festival areas.

You can bring your cameras too, but please respect other visitors and their privacy.

You can find food stalls and all kinds of shops at the bazaar area. There are also multiple bars and cafes. Please note that bringing alcohol to the festival area is not permitted, and non-alcoholic beverages need to be unopened. 

Bazaar application for 2024 is closed.

The family camping area is exclusively for families with children. This traditional camping experience does not include running water, electricity, or campervan facilities. However, families can delight in a petting zoo and an array of kid-friendly activities. 

Family camping reservation

Due to limited capacity in the family camping, reservation in advance is needed (2 € per tent). Family camping is for families with underage kids only.

Family camping tickets (2€/tent) are now available trough Biletti. Buy here 

Are you missing a ride to the center of Kosmos this summer? Don’t feel like driving? Worry not, for we at the HQ have organized a shuttle service to haul you over to the festival area from Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere and Oulu.

Bus tickets (Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere) available trough Biletti! Buy here

Bus tickets (Oulu) organized by LaavU: Buy here

The regular customer camping area is included in the ticket price – you can bring your tents and hammocks with you to Kosmos Festival. Some additional gear might be wise to bring along as well: tarps, ropes and sleeping gear. There are camping areas next to the festival grounds. If you have a caravan, you need to reserve space from Biletti!

The camping opens 19:00 on Wednesday and closes 12:00 on Monday.

Cars and campervans are not allowed at the campsite. For safety reasons, making a campfire is not allowed. There is a designated campfire site in the camping area. Please clean your camping spot before leaving the area!

There is a parking site near the festival area. Parking fee is 10 € for a car, and 20 € for a campervan / caravan. The regular parking can also be paid in cash on arrival. Sleeping in the car in regular parking is prohibited, if you plan to sleep in your car, you can reserve a spot for your car at the caravan parking. The fee is for the whole weekend, you are allowed to leave and come back.

Caravan and parking tickets here!

Caravan and parking tickets are now available trough Biletti. Buy here

Caravan, parking and family camping tickets are here!

Camping tickets are now available trough Biletti! Buy here

All Tickets Sold Out for 2024!

Children younger than 15 get in for free (accompanied by a guardian with a ticket)!

There is no ticket sales at the gates.

All friday tickets can be upgraded to a 4-day ticket at the gates! The price of the upgrade is 30 €, which can be paid in cash or card.

Beware of scammers when looking for tickets – we try our best to delete bots and scammers from our communities. The safest way to buy a second hand ticket is from Biletti.fi.

You’ll also find a ticket resell thread from Kosmos Festival Family Facebook group.

Volunteer & artist applications for 2024 are closed.

Media accreditation is for media representatives. To apply, send a short message to info(at)kosmosfestival.fi. Mention the words “Media Accreditation / Media-akkreditointi” in the subject line of your message.

In your message, include who you are, the media outlet you work for and where the intended article will be published, your arrival and departure dates. We will contact all individuals whose accreditation has been approved prior to the festival. If your accreditation is approved, you will gain entry by providing your name and the media outlet you represent.

The deadline for media accreditation is July 15th.




Welcome to Kosmos Festival, where mutual respect and freedom to be who you really are come together to create a harmonious and safer space for all. Here are the guiding principles that will ensure a positive and inclusive experience for everyone.

The principles of safer space are as follows:

Mutual Respect

Treat one another with kindness, empathy, and understanding. Embrace the diversity of Kosmos community, appreciating each person’s unique journey. Let’s dance side by side, celebrating our individuality while fostering a culture of respect and acceptance.

Freedom to Be

Embrace the freedom to express yourself authentically. This is a space where you can let go of inhibitions and be true to who you are. Dance with wild abandon, wear what makes you feel fabulous, and embrace the liberation that comes from self-expression.


We stand firmly against all forms of violence, physical or verbal. This festival is a sanctuary where conflict is resolved through dialogue, understanding, and peaceful resolution. Let the music and positive vibes guide us towards unity and love, leaving aggression behind.

Mindful Communication

Engage in open, honest, and mindful communication with your fellow festival-goers. Listen actively, speak kindly, and seek understanding. Engage in conversations that inspire growth and connection, creating an atmosphere of shared experiences and deep connections.

Inclusive Community

Embrace people from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging for all. Let’s celebrate our shared humanity and create a space where everyone feels safe and valued.

Environmental Consciousness

Respect and care for our natural surroundings. Reduce waste, recycle, and be mindful of the impact our actions have on the environment. Together, we can create a festival that leaves a positive footprint and preserves the beauty of our planet.

Supportive Atmosphere

Look out for one another and offer support when needed. Be a friend to someone who may be feeling overwhelmed or in need of assistance. Let’s create an environment where everyone feels supported and cared for, with a sense of unity and connection.

By embracing these principles, we can create a Kosmos Festival that is free from nasty vibes, encourages individuality, and promotes harmony. Let music, art and self-expression guide us as we dance together, creating memories that will last a lifetime!





Where can I get the tickets?

Kosmos Festival 2024 is officially sold out, but Biletti has a safe re-selling system.

How can I resell my ticket?

It is possible to buy and sell Kosmos Festival 2024 tickets safely via Biletti. If you want to sell the ticket you have bought via Biletti, simply log in and follow the instructions. If you’re looking to buy a second-hand ticket, just click “jälleenmyytävät liput” on the event and see if there’s anything available. If you have a Biletti account, you can join a waiting list and get notifications when tickets come available!

When you list your ticket for resell on Biletti, the system generates a new QR-code for the buyer and the old ticket is invalidated. This way the buyer can be sure their ticket is unique and works at the festival gates.In case you bought the ticket without an account, create an account first and contact Biletti customer service to attach the ticket to our account.

Tickets bought from Cybershop cannot be sold via Biletti. The Kosmos Festival Family group on Facebook also has a ticket buy / sell thread.

I have a problem with my Biletti account! What do I do?

We don’t have access to the Biletti customer accounts, so if you’re having trouble, please contact asiakaspalvelu (at) biletti.fi – they will help you!

Is there an age limit?

Age limit to Kosmos Festival is 18. Minors accompanied by parents are okay.

Do children get in for free?

Yes, children under 15 years old get in for free.


Where is Kosmos Festival?

Kosmos Festival site is located in the Närhilä Village in Ristiina, in the middle of the lakes of beautiful, forest-rich Eastern Finland. Exact location Raitinpurontie, 52510 Ristiina, Finland.

Can I travel to the festival by public transport?

It’s not the best or the cheapest option, but yes. Take a bus to Ristiina and then a taxi to the festival area.

Where can I buy the shuttle bus tickets?

Here! Kosmos Festival organizes shuttle buses from Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere.

Make sure you do all your shopping before hopping on the bus since they won’t make any stops. The buses leave the festival area on Sunday from the bazaar area.

How do I get there by car?

Type Raitinpurontie, 52510 Ristiina, Finland to your navigator / maps and follow the instructions. The parking space is limited, so we kindly suggest everyone arriving by car coming with full cars.

We also have a carpooling thread on our Kosmos Festival Family Facebook group.

How does the parking work?

When arriving to the parking area, follow the instructions.

Parking fee is 10 € for a car, 20 € for a camper van. Both can be paid in advance here.

Important! The parking area is an actual field used for growing food for animals! Do not throw any trash / cans onto the field! The metal in the cans might end up in the animal food and cause slow and painful death.


Can I bring my own food and drinks to the area?

You can bring some food and snacks and an empty bottle for water as well as sealed, unopened soft drinks to the festival area. The camping site is not on the festival area, so you can bring as much food and drinks as you can carry!

Are there water tanks in the area?

Yes, there will be fresh drinking water available at the festival area as well at the camping site. Remember to bring your own water bottles!

What can I buy from the area?

The bazaar area is located right next to the festival entrance. There you will find a diverse selection of arts & crafts, clothing, jewelry and different festival accessories. Bring cash, even though card payments and mobile pay are widely accepted.

Can I charge my phone / laptop somewhere?

Yes! There’s a charging station at the LOVE sign.

Where can I find the schedule?

The schedule will be available on our website, app and info leaflet!

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is prohibited in front of all stages. When smoking, please consider others. Don’t throw cigarette butts to the ground! You can pick up a free pocket ashtray from the info!

What can I bring / not bring to the festival area?

You can bring:
  • Small snacks
  • Empty water bottles
  • Sealed soft drinks
  • Cameras, laptops etc.
You can not bring:
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances
  • Guns, knives and other weapons

I lost something! What do I do?

First check the Info-point. If you found something, you can take it to the info point.

Can I pay by cash / card?

Most of our shops and food stalls accept both cash and card payments. Having cash with you is a smart move.


When does the camping open and close?

The camping opening and closing will be announced later!

Can I sleep in my car?

Nope, sleeping in the parking area is not allowed, except in the caravan parking.

Can I sleep in a hammock?

Yes! Arrive early to find the best hammock spots.

Can I set up a tent in the parking area?

No, tents are not allowed in the regular or caravan area. Walking around to the cars, camping and festival area is allowed, all of the camping areas are outside the festival area. The walking distance is ~500 meters.

What should I bring with me?

Anything you’d bring on a weekend hike; a tent, sleeping bag, food, snacks, drinks. We highly recommend a flashlight, mobile charger, a good selection of warm clothes, a towel, a refillable water bottle and.. mosquito repellant!

Are there wolves or bears?

Well, it’s a forest. But if you see them close to the festival area, please inform us.

Are there showers?

Yes. There will be lakeside showers and a sauna. You can swim too!

Can I bring my kids? What about a baby?

Kids are welcome! Kosmos Festival even has a dedicated camping area for families with kids. The family camping is located near the beach area. Children under 15 don’t need their own ticket but have to be accompanied by adults. Please keep in mind that the family camping is still a camping with no running water. Kosmos Festival is a festival designed for adults, so for the safety reasons minors need to be accompanied by parents at all times.

Reserve your spot at the family camping here.


What should I do in case of a medical emergency?

The first aid staff are located in between Asteroid and Gravity stages. Contact any staff or security for assistance.

What are the safer space principles?

Please read through our safer space principles! They are the guiding principles that will ensure a positive and inclusive experience for everyone.


I want to volunteer! How does that work?

Our volunteer application is open until end of March 2024.

There is plenty of diverse work available for people who are willing to spend time in the festival area before the festival, and do exciting days full of physical and creative work. We have a field kitchen feeding the crew. We also have open positions during the event for i.e. directing traffic, helping with keeping the area in good condition and other lighter tasks that make the event more enjoyable for all.

I want to perform / play / DJ, how do I apply?

We open our performer application forms every autumn / winter. There is a different application form for musical performances, circus performances and workshop facilitators. Please only submit your applications though the forms. We receive hundreds of messages through e-mail and DMs, and as a volunteer based organization it is impossible to deliver these messages to the program teams.

Who makes the program?

Each stage has its own team! Kosmos Festival has small teams working with each stage or section instead of one artistic director.




Elektro Shamans ry

Bazaar applications:

Billing information:
Elektro Shamans ry
ID 2607707-3

Ristiina, Närhilä, Finland

Artist application (music) for year 2024 is closed. No inquiries via mail, thank you.