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Visual Arts


Temple Creations

Dancefloor Canopy and Stage Entrance

Temple Creations, is a vivid and vibrant festival/event scenography project inspired by psychedelic vision, futuristic mysticism, and Love! Their unique and completely handmade creations are designed to emit color ranges aligned into geometries, that would synergize perfectly with the psychedelic headspace. You will lose track of where your visual experience begins and where the decos end!


Nox Felix

Stage Decorations & Visuals

Nox Felix is a collaboration of two visual artists from Finland. After 14 years of supporting each other’s artistic visions and attending events around the world together, Ville Kotka @luminuance and Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen @emmiriikkaa decided to form Nox Felix where they will bring together their vision and passion for venue design and decoration.


After compositing the stage plans together Emmi-Riikka has designed and painted the Kosmos Vortex stage, while Ville has built and assembled the pieces and as vj Luminuance brings it to life in the event with projection mapping. This year a brand new painted fabric deco set will accompany the stage…



Metaphycial Fractals

Stage Decoration

As the human brain reaches a state of flow, of immersion and trance, the border between reality and illusion becomes less clear. We dive into a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature and light, and start to see the beauty of simple things around us. Some say there is a metaphysical plane where we wonder about questions of mind and matter, existence and consciousness – basically abstractions that form us and everything we experience around us, at all times.


Timo Kaleva is an artist who has always been inspired by the metaphysical plane of thought, as well as fractals, symmetry and the magic of the ultraviolet glow. His project – Metaphysical Fractals – is a form of respect to the human capability of appreciating art and beauty. The project focuses on UV paintings, decorative structures, light design and video mapping. His motivation to create comes from seeing people dive into that state of flow, where the limits of reality are broken: there is freedom for the mind to run wild and the body to heal, strengthen in dance and movement. 


You are invited to experience Timo’s world through his art – through Metaphysical Fractals.

Space Time


A new year has given birth to a new visionary machine. Totaling decades of experience, KIVA is a fusion of Hexagon, Mikrovision, Astral Projector, Metsänpeitto & Ojji. This team of artists, engineers, wizards and bitsmiths brings you visions from beyond the event horizon. No mystery is too mysterious and no gravity well too deep for the best space & time travel agency on this side of Betelgeuse.



VV-machine’s Vector Mediation is a storytelling imagery based on surreal aesthetics. The series has been inspired by a myriad of influences from different indigenous cultures and first nations symbologies and myths: describing and envisioning the multilayered connections to the spiritual side of nature within the complex network of reality.


In Kosmos Festival 2023 Vector Mediation will form as a Totem of Two Hands, guiding the kosmonauts of Spacetime stage trough their travels in the unknown layers of human mind. The Two Hands represents the similarities between us and the unknown, shaking the hand of an alien feels more familiar than you expected.


Skipper Alley Pirates


Skipper Alley Pirates is a group of good friends from Southern Finland who bring perfect vibes to events in the form of sound and light. The group’s warm-hearted collaboration can be seen and felt on the dancefloors and creates the perfect framework for throwing your body and soul into the waves of music and beauty. These guys has the skill to create atmospheres that let the dancers sail to other dimensions. So, just step on the dance floor and enjoy the experience. Yarrrrr, see you at the party!


“Hexagon is a living experiment fusing the worlds of natural materials, sacred geometry and high technology. It’s a playground for arcane algorithms, occult bitstreams and tangible illusions.”


Anni Murtosaari Art


DekoNeko – Anni Murtosaari Art + Jaroneko, ft. ThommiX create beauty from the excess of others. Anni Murtosaari Art earlier known as Voeman Decotiimi has been working with decor since 2013, showcasing her creations across Finland and Europe. Jaron “Jaroneko” Räty is a multimedia artist and event organizer with a wealth of experience. ThommiX (the purple magical animal) is a versatile contributor to music events, handling lighting, ticket sales, music, and decor.

Their decorations are crafted with care using recycled materials and traditional & modern techniques combined. Each deco piece evolves and adapts across various gigs, forming a unique experience. Thank you to the generous donors of materials for the artworks.

Find them on social media:
@annimurtosaariart, @voemandecotiimi, @jaroneko, @cosmicthommix

Visit for more information.


Anahata Dreams

Since 2016 Emilia has been making dreamcatchers and uv painted mandalas and performing with them at events and festivals. By combining mandalas, even large entities can be built, and with UV light, the works wake up to shine in the dark.

Levitation Station

Psychedelic Caravan

Decorations & stage design


Psychedelic Caravan is known from their spatial art works and decorations. The duo started in 2009 and have created works for music and cultural events both in Finland and abroad. Be prepared for mind expanding, soul twisting and body bending art when entering the realm of Psychedelic Caravan! Turn on, tune in & stretch out!


Decorations & stage design

Introducing L3DSAURUS, the stage illuminator with a passion for transforming the night into a panorama of colors and dynamic light patterns. Though their journey began only a few years ago, their fervor for painting the darkness with luminescent hues remains unparalleled.

L3DSAURUS’s roots run deep in the psytrance underground scene, where they first made their mark with their self-designed LED decor. These hand-built LEDs are painstakingly programmed pieces of rhythmic art, designed to sculpt an captivating spectacle that leaves audiences breathless amidst the energetic dance of colors and patterns.

Prepare for a visual treat as L3DSAURUs makes the stage come alive, you will be pulled into an entrancing realm of hypnotic visuals and dazzling colors. The experience promises to be an unforgettable journey, as vibrant and fast-paced as the beats that accompany it!

ÆM Visuals



ÆM Visuals is a VJ that seeks to combine music, lights, and visuals into one wave. Rhythm and dynamics are at the heart of doing this.



Välke Ruusunen

Fri 21:30

Saint the bubble bear

Fri 21:50


Fri 22:10

Joni Hottinen

Fri 22:25


Fri 22:35


Fri 22:40


Fri 22:50

Nuua Company

Fri 23:05

Eerika Jouppila

Fri 23:10


Fri 23:15

Eerika Jouppila & Jarkko Uusipohja

Fri 23:30


Fri 23:35


Fri 23:40

Ultra Vixen

Fri 23:50

Mindfunk Monkeys

Fri 00:05

Mia Haanpää & Tuukka Tamminen

Fri 00:20


Fri 00:25


Fri 00:45


Fri 00:55

Nuua Companu

Fri 01:00

J.J Green

Fri 01:05

Miia Haanpää

Fri 01:15

Bass Indicates Kru & Friends

Sat 13:00


Sat 20:00

Valosirkus Spektri

Sat 21:15

Cirko Criollo

Sat 21:25

Petri Lippo

Sat 21:45


Sat 21:55


Sat 22:05

Jasmine Oriental

Sat 22:50


Sat 23:00

Valosirkus Spektri

Sat 23:10

Gaija Circus

Sat 23:30


Sat 23:55

Valosirkus Spektri

Sat 00:15

Noidan eläimet

Sat 00:25

Stella Kanto

Sat 00:40


Sat 00:45-02:00



Laura Luna - Awakening the Enchanteress

Fri 19:00 - 20:00

Get your juices flowing and turn on your divine shine with some Fusion Bellydance by Laura Luna! We start warming up with sensuous circles and rolling the spine and then we move deeper into the delicious feminine movement of snakey Tribal bellydance. After this session you can continue to the dance floor

with brand new tricks hidden in your hips!

Anna Vesamäki - Crafts from Natural Materials

Fri 18:00 - 19.00

In this workshop we make decorations using natural materials.

Make garlands, fairy wings, necklaces even crowns using for

example flowers, hays, sticks and cones. Let your imagination run wild, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and handicrafts.

Workshop is suitable for all ages!

TUMO - Kosmos Jam

Fri 20:30 - 21:30

Kosmos Jam is a collaborative workshop where you get an introduction to improvisational music-making in a safe environment, in the warm embrace of the backing band ’TUMO’. We start with a drum circle, after which the participants are given a chance to express themselves freely in the form of poetry, rap,

singing or any kind of sounds they wish to make! In addition to band instruments there are various percussions. We finish the workshop with a large music jam. You don’t need previous experience, and it’s ok to join and leave at any time.

Henna Heimonen & Jenni Korento - Electric Asana

Fri 22:00 - 23:00

Electric Asana is a combination of yoga and music. We are doing some easy and gentle yoga where music allows your body to move more freely. The aim is to liberate yourself, heal any body aches and move like nobody is watching. Let the music release you and free your mind. The lesson is taught by Henna

Heimonen, an experienced yoga teacher who has more than 20 years in the field of body-mind classes. We are privileged to hear a very special DJ set from the esteemed DJ Korento.

Jussi Venäläinen & Lauri Häggman - Flow State - How to Achieve It?

Sat 10:00 - 11:30

Flow state is when you feel your best and perform your best. People who experience the most flow are also the happiest. Best of all, everyone can achieve this magical state. Join this lecture and learn: what is the flow state, and why is it meaningful? What is the recipe (preconditions and phases) for flow? How to facilitate flow in different activities?

Ville Huuskonen - Psychedelically Civilized - Interactive Journey Group Workshop

Sat 11:30 - 13:00

Psychedelics have transformative power but can also be a tasking experience. How to avoid pitfalls, take responsibility and have something to bring home? Join us for a journey we build together through stories, experiences and fantasies! The workshop is held by Psykedeelisen sivistyksen liitto ry.

Vaskilintu - Elemental Voice: The Basic Principles of Holistic Voicework

Sat 13:00 - 15:00

Voice can be a tool of self-exploration and connection to one’s deepest expression. A somatic tool to calm the mind, body and connect human beings to each other. Come and explore holistic voicework in theory and practice. No previous experience of singing is needed. A warm welcome!

Elsi Valeriana: Wild, Free & Empowered Feminine - Workshop

Sat 15:00 - 17:00

This workshop is the introduction for Elsi Valeriana’s The Feminine Alchemy method for anyone interested in the feminine esoteric arts. The workshop consists of four subjects – wildness, freedom, esoteric magick and integration – under a method of self-discovery and rewilding that Elsi has created through her own path of empowerment and embodiment as a wild woman. Bring an open mind and a notebook.

Leigh Ewin & Mikko Heikinpoika - Ecstatic Breathwork

Sat 17:00 - 18:30

In this session you are invited to travel deep into the cosmos using guided transformational breathwork and beautifully crafted electronic and percussion instruments, sounds, voice and music. This is a possibility to dive deep or fly high! Breathwork and crafted live music represents an extremely interesting opportunity to venture places otherwise left unvisited.

Marko Rauten ja Juulia Järvenpää - Freestyle Rap Workshop

Sat 18:30 - 20:00

If you’ve ever been curious about freestyle rap or battle rap scene in Finland, now is your opportunity to learn about the culture in Finland and try freestyling by yourself. The workshop is arranged by Mc Ironine, Finland’s battle rap champion 2017 (among many other achievements) and Mc Tuuliviiri, Tampere freestyle rap champion 2022.

Santeri Manninen - Planetarian’s Guide to the Kosmos

Sat 20:00 - 21:00

We are in the cosmos, but when, where and why are we exactly? Welcome to hear about our place in the universe, its origins, structure and future. You will get to know traditional worldviews as well as the newest scientific theories. Are we in a material or spiritual world, or in a simulation? We will ponder about life’s big questions in an interesting and entertaining manner. Here’s the planetarian’s guide to the Kosmos.

Leigh Ewin & Sakari 369 - Breathwork Inspirations

Sat 21:00 - 22:00

Join us for a cosmic journey from micro to macro! Participants will explore the connection with their own breath and inspiration, connection with others

using the breath, and finally, connection with the cosmos. There will be

electronic music and amazingly curated 3D visuals and fractals that will be

intuitively baked up real time during the session by Sakari 369. Please bring

a yoga mat, a pillow/blanket for comfort, and consciousness – please do

not attend if under the influence of alcohol or substances not approved by

mother nature herself.

Anna Fornasiero, Felipe Morato - Pair-Dancing and Brazilian Tunes

Sun 11:30 - 13:00

We’ll dive into Brazilian culture through Forró music and dance while exploring how we come into contact and connection with a dance partner. Forró is a Brazilian pair dance with a close embrace, like hugging in motion. The most important things are enjoying the dance and the music, playfulness, relaxed attitude and body, the music rhythm and a good connection. Join us and find comfort while dancing, respecting limits and opening up to a more authentic connection and presence!

Jüri Tönnov - Ancient Game for Yogis and Seekers

Sun 13:00 - 14:00

Spiritual game for entertainment and growth on the soul’s path to

enlightenment. Through playing the game we reflect how the universal laws work while having fun with people. Why not to play and have fun that supports our spiritual growth at the same time? Learn the game, take a free game board with you and share the joy on your travels!




Fri 23:00 - 01:00

Usbj loKal – that original BorGåa master plays chill out as it is. Various peaceful music for peaceful people.

Teho Majamäki & Kangastus VJs

Sat 01:00 - 03:00

Teho Majamäki has travelled far and wide discovering ever changing ambiences, sounds, beats, rhythms and rhymes. Special dome show with Kangastus VJ´s.


Sat 03:00 - 06:00

Kaspiann creates subtle and hypnotic soundscapes with a deep and minimalist touch.

Kangastus VJs

During the lesser light hours

Psychedelic mirages in the dome. Illusions since 2000.


VJ SSuvereeni

VJ SSuvereeni ́s aesthetic is characterized by psychedelic images, sensory hyperstimulation and a profound connection with nature.


Folio Hattu
Light installations from 7th dimension.


Sat 06:00 - 09:00

Helsinki-based techno producer Agenth will perform a hybrid live/dj set on deep ambient textures and improvised acoustic artifacts.

Annie West

Sat 23:00 - 02:00

Annie West is associated with the Wawahut collective. She plays exciting artistic healing music that embraces the situation, location and the people in it.


Sat 22:00 - 23:00

The avant-garde duo of Planetary Gardens play spacey music. Volcanicfever sharpens the listener like two million suns. The sound performance is an exploration into the invigorating sources of chaos theory.


Sun 02:00 - 09:00

Representing the Wawahut collective, Mosaiq will be serving minimalist and rhythmic moods through ancient cultures and modern dubby soundscapes, weaving together a path for all beings to reach those special places within.



Nicole Flora Cramer

Opening Ceremony: Fri 19:00 - 20:00 Closing Ceremony: Su 14:00 - 15:00

Start your festival experience with a healing dose of meditation & intention setting. The power of ritual manifestation is magnified when done in a group.


Because every open energy portal must also be closed, please consider returning for the Closing Ceremony to consciously conclude our festival experience before we say ”goodbye & see you next year!”

Sanna Palo / Palo Tantra & Janita Seppälä / Sielun Tuli - Cosmic Touch

Sat 15:00 - 17:00

In this workshop we delve deep into the art of touch. We practice

consciousness with hands that listen and touch that has a meaning. Cosmic Touch takes you on a guided trip to different intentions of touching and what kind of roles there are to play with when you touch or receive. Everything happens with consent. We work alone, in pairs and in groups. At any moment during the workshop you can choose not to take part in the practices.

Sacred Cacao & Plant Magic

Fri 20:30 - 22:30

Welcome for an exploration of Sacred Kakaw, the gentle but powerful heart opening plant medicine at the center of the ancient Mayan cosmovision.


You will have an opportunity to taste a sample of the highest quality Criollo ”ceremonial” cacao sourced from Guatemala. In addition, we will explore the magic of a few wild plants that are native to our Finnish forests. Participants must be sober, and please bring your own cup or mug to sample the cacao.

Kaisa Käärmemaa ja Janita Koivisto - Self Empathy

Sat 18:00 - 19:30

IIn this workshop we will use the tools of nonviolent communication (NVC), movement, breathing and bodyful exercises to access radical self acceptance in the moment. If you have judgmental thoughts about yourself and wish to have more tenderness towards yourself then this workshop is for you. Come as you are, all kinds of expressions of life and bodies are welcome.e as you are, all kinds of expressions of life and bodies are welcome.

Sun Tantra - Loving Touch

Fri 23:00 - 01:00

This workshop explores how loving and present touch can build trust and acceptance towards one’s own body, between friends or intimate partners. When we touch with different qualities, different parts of our mind and feelings become visible. We explore how touch can reconnect the body and mind and tune into our body, feelings and thoughts. The workshop is substance free.

Maitri ja Heidi - Tantric Temple Night

Sat 20:00 - 22:30

Tantric temple is a classic neotantric exercise where you can freely

explore different aspects of yourself with others through the themes of the different areas of the temple. What opens up and is to be found, what kind of sensations arise, where do you want to go: playing, having sensual experiences, meeting others, having tantric connections, dancing, meditating..? You can be as wild or cautious, or playful or contemplative as you want. You can take part in this workshop only if you are sober.

Jani Toivonen - Gong Yoga

Sat 10:30 - 12:00

Gong Yoga is Yoga of Oneness, Creativity and Transformation. It is all about mastering the instrument that you are and tuning in to the harmonic resonance. Gong Yoga begins with intention and tapping into the fullness of npresence through movement, breathing and visualization. Exercises prepare and tune our body-mind to receive a state of deep relaxation for Sound Healing.

Maiju Niemelä - Tantric Animals

Sun 11:30 - 13:00

Tantric animals is a joyful workshop where we create a safe and respectful space to deepen the connection with ourselves and others. This workshop allows us to let go of limiting thoughts and release our inner animals! We mexplore different ways of moving, meeting and touching. Tantric animals is suitable for beginners and doesn’t involve nudity. Age limit 18, to attend you must be sober. Bring your own yoga mat and wear clothes you feel comfortable to move in.

Milja Pulkkinen - Improvisational Theatre



Unfortunately, this program has been cancelled.



Sara Sallmén - Balancing

Sat 10:30-12:00

Balancing is a powerful mental and physical practice that

combines the beauty of somatics with balance training. Staying in balance requires being fully grounded, open, centered and in your body. In a well balanced, strong and open body the energy flows freely allowing the mind to be clear, strong and open as well. Through somatic movement we strengthen and open our bodies and practice conscious presence, body awareness and our balance with various exercises. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Amanda Putkonen - Yoga Ecstatic

Sun 10:30 - 12:00

Yoga ecstatic is a fun and flowy practice including guided breathwork, vigorous movements and restorative poses. We will explore balancing postures, arm balances, inversions and backbends. You will learn drills and techniques to help you to be stronger and more flexible. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner – it’s all about having fun and exploring poses and the potential of your body. You don’t need prior experience, just an open and playful mind.

Jatsan Dorje - Tibetan Tsalung Yoga Workshop

Sat 12:30 - 14:00

Tsalung yoga has been practiced in Tibet for thousands of years. Tsa means channels and lung means prana, while tsalung yoga is the way to clear the energy channels in the body. It’s similar to the kundalini yoga system and there are numerous different movements and breathing techniques. A unique aspect of tsalung is that all the movements are made with breath retention. Jatsan Dorje is founder of Merkaba Center and certified tsalung yoga teacher by International Namyang Tibetan Yoga Alliance.

Otto Lampela & Rene Mikkola - PLAY(KKI) WORKSHOP

Sun 12:30 - 15:30

PLAY (LEIKKI in Finnish)

You and your inner child are most welcome to this workshop! Here we take some time to play like we did when we were children. We will play traditional Finnish children games with a Kosmos twist! We will set our bodies and voices free and go deep into the animal kingdom. We will have fun, carefree time playing our hearts out! If you are late, it’s alright. If you want to leave, it’s ok too. If you want to come back, please do! Afterwards we host a sharing circle of feelings.

Lakota Longwalker - Native American Flute Construction Workshop

Sat 14:30 - 15:30

Learn how to make a Tsalagi (Cherokee) style native flute, to produce beautiful tones, and to tune each note individually. All materials and tools will be provided. Learn a new skill that can be applied to the construction of flutes from cultures around the world. The cultural significance of this type of flute and its connection to nature will be discussed in addition to the demonstration of traditional flute songs and a briefing on music theory.

Olli Ruikka - Qigong Basics Workshop

Sat 17:30 - 19:00

In this workshop we will explore the ancient Chinese art of healing called qigong (chikung), a method for cultivating health, balance, internal power, long life and spiritual growth by regulating and refining the life-force energy (qi) in the body. The practice is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Daoist esoterism. We will focus on soft movements, breathing and mental imagery to open blockages and move qi in the body. No previous experience required. To attend it’s best to be sober.



Tuomas Saarela - Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Sat 10:30-12:00

Ashtanga Yoga is a structured and dynamic form of practicing yoga postures, and can have wonderful effects on the body, mind, and spirit. In this workshop we do the sun salutations, selected postures of the Primary series, prayanama and a short meditation. The postures range from basic to challenging, and you can do variations when needed. The workshop is about 90 minutes long. Please bring a yoga mat, mattress or a towel.

Juni Sinkkonen ja Hanna Hallikainen -
Arriving in the Midst –
Strengthening the Deep-Ecological Self

Sat 15:00 - 17:30

In this workshop you will be guided to explore your eco-emotions and connectedness with more-than-human nature. Creative methods, such as collective poetry and environmental art, as well as sensory and other somatic exercises are used as tools to strengthen the deep-ecological self that inhabits our being. Participating in the workshop requires that the person is not under the influence of intoxicants.

Veronica Gisell - Therapeutic Yoga Trip

Trip Sat 12:00 - 13:30

A therapeutic yoga trip is an exploration into your own mind. It is a

combination of calm grounding yin yoga, mindfulness and acceptance-based visualization exercises. The exercises include exposure and commitment therapy. We learn to take distance from our own thoughts, and we strengthen the skill of facing unpleasant emotions. We focus on acceptance, presence, openness and psychological flexibility. If you ever have an unpleasant feeling and don’t know how to deal with that, this might be for you.

Välke Ruusunen - Find Your Body Through Dance

Sat 17:30 - 19:00

Welcome to find your body through dance! A workshop to land deeper into your body and movement. We will start with self massage and gentle warm up and continue to move mostly through images and improvisational work. At the end we will have some time for relaxation and sharing. No previous dance background is needed. All exercises are proposals, listen to the boundaries of yourself and others. Please only participate sober.

Sini Koskelainen - Primal Herdingcall Workshop

Sat 14:00 - 15:00

A journey into the magical Scandinavian herding call tradition called ‘Kulning’ which essence is primal vocal expression and communication! Kulning consists of short and nasal low-pitched calls and more melodic high-pitched calls. It traces back to the Middle Ages, originating in pastoral culture among women. It was originally used to call cattle home from pasture, but today it has developed into a unique art form of its own, with various vocal improvisation styles.



Ville Kaleva - Acrobatics Workshop

Sat 11:00 - 12:00

Acrobatics workshop for beginner and intermediate levels. Participants will drill and piece together movements from gymnastics, capoeira, breakdancing and martial arts such as cartwheels, flashy kicks and groundwork. We will have a step-by-step approach to each of these. Get ready to take your inner wild animal to the next level!

Cirko Criollo - nOt a ClOwN Workshop

Sat 14:00-15:30

nOt a CLOwN is a safe, nurturing and inclusive workshop where we will explore the body, mind, spirit and movement from the magical perspective of a clown. Through humor and laughter, this workshop will help you find your inner clown, learn to let go, to say yes, and to acknowledge your wounds and weaknesses in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere. Clowning is a healing tool that doesn’t erase our wounds but transforms them. All levels are welcome, together we all learn and thrive.

Jaska Isola - Staff Manipulation Workshop

Sat 12:00 - 13:00

In this workshop you can learn the basics of staff manipulation or advance your existing skills. Learn how to maximize the combined rotational range of your joints, sharpen your proprioception, and use an object as a tool for self-expression.


Sun 11:00 - 12:30

Ashtanga based Vinyasa Yoga class is cancelled.

Miia Haanpää - Duo Acro For All Levels

Sat 13:00-14:00

Ashtanga based Vinyasa Yoga class. Purifying sequence to boost your immunity and health. Healing through the entire body and mind. To access the conscious witness you really are. Dive into Samadhi, let go and refill yourself in liberation and ultimate joy. Attendees must be sober.

Vannetanssiyhdistys - Hooping Jam

Sun 12:30 - 14:00

Come and try out hooping with members of Hoop association Finland. The jam is open for everyone, also for you who want to try hooping the first time. Take the chance, we will guide you. We bring hoops you can borrow, but all flowprops are welcome as well! Welcome to learn the possibilities and joy a hoop can bring.

Stella Kanto - Hooping Workshop

Sun 14:00-15:00

In this workshop, we will look at the hoop as a door, a Portal, and learn a funky choreography inspired by that idea. All levels welcome to enter the circle! Join and traverse time loops by jumping through hoops.