Today we are talking with an artists that does not need introductions, the legendary DJ Chicago of 1200 Mics!

Little birdies told me that it is your 78th birthday today. Congratulations! With the passing of Goa Gil last year, you might be the oldest active psytrance DJ in the world. How does that make you feel? Not old, I hope…

– I can’t believe my body is 78 years old! I feel like an old grandpa – yet so youngish, alive and lively still… ”Young-At-Heart” (and soul and spirit) we always say! I feel 28… Still Rocking! And yes, I am The Oldest Active Living DJ in our trance world, I’m pretty sure.

What plans do you have in store for Kosmos this year?

– Fans all over the world tell us how they grew up with 1200 Micrograms, and of all the fun and special times they have had with our music, over the last 20 years . And the crowds always enjoy taking “a walk down Memory Lane “, so I plan to play kind of a Greatest Hits set, should be great fun on the dance floor! (and always nice to hear our tracks up loud on a good sound system!)

– By the way, if you a Google The Top 10 Psytrance Bands, 1200 Micrograms has been on the list in the top 10 for almost our whole 20 years, pretty cool!

How many trips to Finland have you done before? What are you looking towards this time?

– I’m “breaking my cherry”… FIRST TIME IN FINLAND! I have Finnish bungalow neighbours here at our beach on Koh Phangan Thailand, who are telling me of the wonderful countryside and nature, so, really looking forward to exploring!

– Also, a Community has sweetly offered to host me while there, it will be interesting to see/experience/enjoy a Finnish Community! And of course…the Festival! I’m told it’s unique, everybody really enjoys, so ready to rock with you all there.

Thank you DJ Chicago! We wish you full hearted birthday greetings from all of us at the Kosmos Family ✨💜 See you soon – at Vortex stage on Friday, 19.30 – 21.00!

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