As we’re revealing Oasis’s program very soon, it’s time to take a closer look! We asked a few questions from Laura and Jassu from Oasis crew. Can you tell a bit about Oasis, what’s it about?

Kosmos Festival Oasis is a place to wind down, find serenity, or be playful amidst the hectic Kosmos. A peaceful haven where you can (re)connect with yourself and other cosmic beings. A safe refuge to ground yourself before and after embarking on the journey to the infinite Kosmos, or a fun playground to try something new or to take part in meaningful encounters – the choice is yours!

– The Oasis hosts all the workshops and lectures taking place at Kosmos Festival, ranging from tantra, yoga and breathwork, to circus, improvisation and crafts. Here you can also find healers offering various treatments as well as a cafe serving delightful food and refreshments to nourish your body. In night time, Lunar Temple take you on the chill music journey.

Festivals being only about music and beer has been an outdated view for a while now. How would you describe what a good festival experience means to you?

– Jassu: For me, a good festival experience means balance and being myself: I want to immerse myself in the world of dance, I want to connect with people, I want to be inspired by art, I want to breathe and accept all my feelings in those moments. And of course have fun!

– Laura: I agree with everything that Jassu said. Also, I personally need to be able to recharge every now and then, especially if the festival goes on for days, and I’m glad if the festival area has designated areas for this so that I don’t need to retreat back to my tent or the camping area to chill. Oasis is a great place to ground yourself and come back to your center before and after embarking on a dance journey.

How is Oasis evolving this year, what’s new? Anything particular you’re excited about?

– Jassu: The journey of Oasis from Healing Area to a large complex of many temples and places has been quite fast. Oasis is constantly changing and developing and evolves every year to become even more interesting. We want to offer the visitor as great an experience as possible, that’s what I’m most excited about!

– Laura: This year’s workshop and lecture program is particularly inspiring. I’m sure there’s something for everyone – yoga, tantra, music, vocal work, play, dance, cacao circles, conscious connecting, nightly chill at Lunar Temple, light installations… you name it. It’s hard to summarise Oasis in words, you need to come and experience it yourself!

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