We avoid calling it “the main stage”, but Vortex is definitely the heart of the festival from the very first minutes until the closing ceremony. Olli and Mia, also known as Miazu & Polly – Sangoma Records, run the stage so let’s ask them how it’s done!

There are hundreds of festivals focusing on psytrance in the world. What differences and similarities does Vortex and Kosmos have compared to them?

OLLI: We stand out from other psytrance festivals with our broad selection of psy subgenres – many festivals seem to focus on only a few styles, but we like to offer something for everyone. Of course the lineup definitely also reflects our taste too.

MIA: Many festivals have their stages in a field or a parking lot. Vortex has an unique vibe – it’s actually located in the middle of the forest, and as you walk down the path it feels like arriving at a fairy bay! We’ve managed to keep Kosmos’ vibes unique, partly because we’ve kept the festival the size it is today.

MIA: I think there still are many similarities and Kosmos has managed to build that same amazing festival spirit which is great in other festivals! When you arrive to any psy festival, you always feel so welcome, as it’s your own people greeting you and dancing around you.

If you’d have to explain the musical idea of Vortex stage to someone who’s never experienced it, how would you do it? Do you follow the same logic every year or do you want to do things differently?

OLLI: Vortex program is built by three teams. We’ve split the timetable between the teams. Dj Avara is responsible for Saturday and Sunday, Korento for daytime Saturday and we, Polly and Miazu, fill the rest of the timetable. We aim for a balanced musical trip that tells a story. The ‘status’ of the artists does not define the slot; we place them where we think they belong in the storyline.

You produce the whole festival as well as the Vortex stage, your weekend must be quite busy? Who else is on your team?

OLLI: Dj Avara and Korento as mentioned above, technical production is done by Ville Kotka, Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen and Antti Jaatinen. Jenni Korento is managing stage managers.

MIA: We aim to keep the programme tasteful. Gatekeeping is boring, that’s why we decided to take Jenni (Korento) and Aarne (Dj Avara) to the programme team with us! Ville and Emmi are so skilled and they make the stage look special. Agentti is responsible of the soundsystem, which is high-quality as always. Mika Tevala built an amazing new stage last summer; the stage structure is the heart of Vortex and this one will keep beating for a long time. The fairy forest behind the stage is built by Natalia, Meri and Myy and their teams. If you don’t feel like dancing, you can chill at the bar. Keimo and Kirsi sell delicacies and snacks from their chai stand, which is like a piece of India in the middle of the Vortex area.

Any personal favorites this year? What should we definitely check out?

OLLI: Check out Lakitu, Derango and EVP gigs!

MIA: I don’t want to mention anyone over the other, but I want to say this: every single artist has been selected to bing their own magical touch to you this year ❤ The decorations and visuals will be mind blowing as well!

Thanks for the interview – see you at Vortex stage! Btw, if you’ve missed the closing ceremony every year, STOP DOING THAT! You might think you’re completely out of energy but we guarantee – you’re not.

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