Levitation Stage is managed by Joni (DJ Haemaerae) and Juho (Decion). How’s it going? How has the year started?

JONI: It has been busy as always with Levitation Station, and also in the Hitech team! Deciding the musical course of the year and selecting best possible acts to our small stage is daunting task, as there are so many options available. Levitation seems to enjoy respect among Hitech artists!

JUHO: Hey! Considering it took me over a month to provide answers to this interview, I’d consider the start of the year to be quite hectic for me (or then I’m just unable to allocate my time right, take your pick). In truth, it’s been both challenging and fruitful, with a gig in Poland last month and some hardships in my private life, but all in all, great and very excited about the festival this year!

How has Levitation Station’s Kosmos journey been so far? Any favorite moments you’d like to share?

JONI: Kosmos Levitation journey has been amazing personally for me every year, as every year we see our stage grow, more people finding it every year. Personal best moment was last year, when during my own set the stage got actually so full, that not more people could fit in! So we are also doing plans for updating the stage and routes around it! Heartwarming to see that our little scene has found a home in Finnish Psytrance culture!

JUHO: I set my foot on Levitation Station for the first time back in 2016 when it was still located in a different area of the festival. Next year I went to drop few tracks during its open decks/open program timeslots. After that I’ve held a residency through FINRG Recordings ranks each year and today I have the honor to curate the FINRG roster of the stage myself. So I’d say the journey from first time in Kosmos to open decks to residency and from residency to eventually hosting one of the stages has already provided enough memories to last a lifetime. But surely one of the best moments is the annual opening of Carbon Based performance. It is something worth experiencing if you haven’t witnessed it yet in the forest in previous years.

What are you hyped about this year? How is the Levitation Station programme reflecting the scene here in Finland?

JONI: I am hyped about updates we have planned, and specially about this year foreign guests. We have some true old legends of the scene – Neokontrol and Spiral coming to blast us. Neokontrol is one of the heads of OVNI records, which is turning 10 years old this year. Spiral is well-known from big foreign stages through many years! We are also exited to bring over some really fresh talent from our neighboring countries: Pages from my Grimoire from Sweden did amazing debut album and Estonian leading hitech DJ – duo Azuras is bringing over some lovely b2b madness! This year Levitation line-up brings best of the locals and carefully selected foreigners, trying to bring bit of all the angles of the musical style we call hitech ❤ Like the old saying goes: “Hitech or money back!”

JUHO: I’ve consulted the Hi-tech crew for the upcoming plans for Levitation Station and they’ve provided me with such intel that I can safely say this year the Levitation Station stage will be revolutionary and I can’t wait to see how it’ll unravel itself in this coming summer. The FINRG lineup itself is focusing on authenticity which I believe is something to be utilized as much as possible in the scene since it’s the key to integrity and a basis for a prospering culture. The program is packed with legends like Alek Szahala from the domestic side and Tymon from the international domain. So entering Levitation Station on FINRG night will provide a wide range of music styles you might’ve never heard before but which has been shaping the scene for decades, offering both originality and modern sounds for old and new ravers to experience.

Thanks for the interview – see you at Levari!

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Levitation Stage is managed by Joni (DJ Haemaerae) and Juho (Decion). How’s it going? How has the year started? JONI: It has been busy as always with Levitation Station, and also in the Hitech team! Deciding the musical course of the year and selecting best possible acts to our small stage is daunting task,...

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