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KOSMOS FESTIVAL 18.-21.7.2024

Närhilä, Ristiina 🇫🇮




🔸Kosmos Festival 2024

🔹Kosmos Festival Family

We managed to reach the duo, formed by two producers, Act One and Eritas, in their creative habitat. I heard you guys are in the studio right now. What are you cooking in there? – We are indeed! Sat in the studio as we answer these! We are working on our next EP for...

We avoid calling it “the main stage”, but Vortex is definitely the heart of the festival from the very first minutes until the closing ceremony. Olli and Mia, also known as Miazu & Polly – Sangoma Records, run the stage so let’s ask them how it’s done! There are hundreds of festivals focusing on...

Tell me a little bit about Bechamel Boyz and your music.– Pippeltrance. In Sweden they call it nussi-tekno What do you have in store for us this year? Any new tracks or tricks?– We got plenty of new tracks just for Kosmos Festival Could you share a secret / surprising fact about your band?–...

Today we are talking with an artists that does not need introductions, the legendary DJ Chicago of 1200 Mics! Little birdies told me that it is your 78th birthday today. Congratulations! With the passing of Goa Gil last year, you might be the oldest active psytrance DJ in the world. How does that make...

Levitation Stage is managed by Joni (DJ Haemaerae) and Juho (Decion). How’s it going? How has the year started? JONI: It has been busy as always with Levitation Station, and also in the Hitech team! Deciding the musical course of the year and selecting best possible acts to our small stage is daunting task,...

It’s getting closer! We’re definitely excited, hopefully you too. To celebrate this, here’s some news: SAMURAI BREAKS (UK) Added to lineup! The absolute don of modern UK bass music is coming to play in Finland for the first time! Samurai Breaks is all over the place, one of the most interesting up-and-coming names in...




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