…and now we get to proudly present our alternative program! We trust everyone finds something interesting in what Oasis and Circus have to offer this year.

Kosmos Festival Oasis consists of several locations; Solar Temple, Star Temple and Venus Temple, all located next to the Bazaar area. Meadow and Lagoon are situated outside the festival area on the beach. During the night, Solar Temple transforms into Lunar Temple, offering chill beats and video art as well as a nice spot to cool down from the festival hassle. This year’s workshop program is more varied than ever, ranging from speed dating, tarot reading and poetry jam to contact improv, yoga and hula hooping, to mention a few! Engaging lectures on themes such as psychedelic facilitation and creativity are also on the menu.

Kosmos and circus are inseparable. Kosmos Festival Circus offers amazing shows on Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to midnight, continued by fire jam sessions. And on top of all that, you will spot some wandering circus creatures around the festival area at random times…

Check out the program here: kosmosfestival.fi/program24/

KOSMOS FESTIVAL 18.-21.7.2024

Närhilä, Ristiina 🇫🇮



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Asteroid stage is one of the newest ones in Kosmos Festival. During the daytime you’ll find a variety of live bands, and when the night falls it becomes an altar for gods of suomisaundi. Maisa Lukkari, what’s your role on Asteroid stage? ⁃ I’m working as head sound engineer and sound team leader including...

Tell me a little bit about Bechamel Boyz and your music.– Pippeltrance. In Sweden they call it nussi-tekno What do you have in store for us this year? Any new tracks or tricks?– We got plenty of new tracks just for Kosmos Festival Could you share a secret / surprising fact about your band?–...

The 2024 Kosmos lineup is officially unveiled! Vortex beckons enthusiasts of psychedelic vibes, spanning from goa trance to forest and nearly every psy subgenre imaginable. This summer, brace yourselves for electrifying DJ sets by luminaries such as Ben Watkins from Juno Reactor and Chicago from 1200 Mics, along with live performances by domestic names...

As we’re revealing Oasis’s program very soon, it’s time to take a closer look! We asked a few questions from Laura and Jassu from Oasis crew. Can you tell a bit about Oasis, what’s it about? – Kosmos Festival Oasis is a place to wind down, find serenity, or be playful amidst the hectic...

It’s a long drive to Ristiina, and even longer to come back. If picking up your travel companions from different locations and waiting for everyone to do their shopping in ABC Kuortti is an agony every year, please consider our easy, cheap, on-time, and fast shuttle bus option! Shuttle buses from Helsinki, Lahti and...

Introducing the Lithuanian acid techno talent, AcidLess , who will rock Gravity stage with his tweaked-out acid tunes! Could you tell us a little about your background? How did you get into acid techno? – As much as I remember, my earliest memories of starting to enjoy acid techno were when I first saw...




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